Welcome to The Pink Giraffe!

My initial plan for this blog is to post my craft projects – any new recipes I may try, which I am hoping grows once baseball season is back (92 days!), as I would like to try making new tailgating items – and then anything else that I think would be fun to share. Since this is the first time I’ve ever done a blog, this initial plan may fail miserably, but we shall see…

Hoping to post something more soon – I have a few projects in mind and am already looking at ideas for Valentines Day!

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2 Responses to WELCOME!

  1. Jim Simon says:

    Best of luck! You should post those Cupcakes from Halloween. 🙂

    • pgiraffe says:

      Thanks so much! Yeah – I think I will need to do a post of some of the things I’ve previously done (Halloween cupcakes, origami money stars).

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