Life Before PGB (Part 1)

I wanted to share some semi-recent projects that I have done – prior to starting the Pink Giraffe Blog (PGB)…

A little background on me – I love cupcakes – specifically I love decorating cupcakes. I don’t really experiment or try new flavors when it comes to the actual cupcake (usually just go with a box mix) but I love the decorating part. In early October Whole Foods had a Halloween Cupcake Decorating Class, which I needed to go to! So I found a few girlfriends and we went! I was surprised how easy it was and absolutely loved how they all turned out (the mummy is my fav!). One interesting thing – since the class was at Whole Foods, the frostings had to be colored organically. For example – green was made with spinach (it tasted disgusting!!!) and the red with beets, etc. They weren’t my favorite tasting cupcakes, but they sure were cute.

If you’ve been on Pinterest at all – if you haven’t you really should be – then you’ve seen the melted crayon art pics that have been floating around on there. So I decided to give it a try! I decided to use 3 smaller canvases instead of one large one – mine are hanging above my sink.

It’s really easy to do:
1. Hot glue crayons to the canvas
2. Angle the canvas(es) so that the wax will melt down them
3. Take a hairdryer, turn it on hot, and point it at the crayons. They’ll eventually begin to melt down the canvas.

I do suggest either covering your work area or doing it in a space that you don’t mind getting wax on.

That’s it for now – I have a few others to share, that I will do in another post.

To be continued…

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