Life Before PGB (Part 2)

On Monday, I shared a few projects that I had done before I started this blog. Here are a few more…

I’m sure that you will all quickly learn that I love to have a wreath or some sort of decoration on my apt door. So for Christmas I decided to try making an ornament wreath. It sounded easy enough – get a foam wreath ring and hot glue some ornaments to it. It was pretty easy – I just underestimated the number our ornaments that I would actually need! I initially lucked out and found cute colorful ornaments in Target’s $1 area. I grabbed about 6 sleeves of them and thought I would be set – I was not. I quickly discovered that I would need about twice that amount. However, when I went back to Target, they were all out! I ended up finding smaller, inexpensive ones, in their actual Christmas section. Overall, the wreath turned out OK, I think that fact that I used 2 different sized ornaments is what I don’t like about it.

After that fact, of course, I saw a posting where you take a wire hanger, form it into a circle and then just string the ornaments onto it. This sounds a lot easier than hot gluing each ornament on – maybe I’ll give this a try next Christmas…

For Christmas each year my extended family does a gift exchange, we’re all too old now to get presents for each kid. It’s one of those exchanges where you get a gift (in our family it’s a $25 gift of your choosing), you put all the wrapped gifts into a pile, pick numbers and then you get to pick a gift or a steal a gift from someone else – type of thing…

This year I couldn’t think of a good present to get for the exchange and decided finding a creative  way to give $25 cash or a $25 Visa gift card – something I think that everyone would like. A few days later I saw this posting, which was perfect for my exchange gift. The tutorial that it links over to is really easy – making the stars is just a bit time consuming. I thought about doing 1 star with 5 $5 bills, but decided to do 5 stars with 5 $1 bills. Found a big box, tossed them in, wrapped it up – and it was a hit! My mom actually ended up with them!

And that, my wonderful followers, are all the projects I really took pics of – prior to starting this blog! Next post will be Valentines Day related – it’s just around the corner!

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2 Responses to Life Before PGB (Part 2)

  1. I actually love the two different sizes of ornaments! Great blog friend!

    • Thanks! I just wish I hadn’t run out of the cheapies from Target and had seen the suggestion to use a hanger – would’ve saved me some burnt fingers and a small hot glue mess 🙂

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