Introducing Pinsday!

Wednesday – Pinsday – they rhyme, get it? Ok, moving on…

With the wonderful suggestion from Dan – every Wednesday will now be Pinsday here! I will share some of my favorite things I’ve found on Pinterest over the past week.

And now, onto this week’s Pinsday.

Paint Chip Dry Erase Calendar

This is a super cute idea – I wish I had somewhere that I would be able to hang/put this at work, but I do not. And I already have a dry erase calendar at home on my fridge. Maybe sometime in the future.

Whale Painting

I am currently working on making a painting like this, but of a giraffe and in pink – of course! I’ll be sure to share when I’m done.

Funfetti Cake Batter Fudge

This pin was actually sent to me by my friend Dohr, who is the king of random links, but this one definitely caught my attention. I LOVE funfetti cake with vanilla frosting!! I cannot wait to give this a try.

Until next week…

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