Happy Pinsday – 2/1/12

Happy February! Yay for a shorter month – just means we’re getting closer to Brewers Opening Day and summer and warm weather and so many better things than WI winter (though we’ve been lucky in WI lately, with some unseasonably warm winter weather)!!

Ok – I’ll get on to this week’s Pinsday post now:

Heart Shaped Cupcakes

This is a super cute and easy idea – maybe I will try this out as a Valentine’s Day treat. Which I will need to bring into work to share since Dan doesn’t like cake – weird, I know!

Baseball Bracelet

I absolutely LOVE this and will need to make ASAP. Mom & Dad (they read this) do we have any old baseballs in the basement I could steal? 😉

The Giraffe Manor

I MUST go here before I die. I would die to have a giraffe poke it’s head into my room! Too bad it’s all the way in Africa…Someday…

Until next week…

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2 Responses to Happy Pinsday – 2/1/12

  1. Jennie B says:

    We’re making those bracelets. Soon.

  2. Mel says:

    We’re saving the baseballs for our grandchildren!

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