Monogram Wreath

By now you’ve probably realized that I like to have a wreath on the outside of my apt door at all times, usually holiday themed but I wanted one that I could use at all times/non-holiday times. I saw how to make these cute felt flowers, most likely on Pinterest, and thought they would look great on a wreath!

Here’s what I did for my wreath:


  • 1 sheet of felt for each flower
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • wreath
  • wooden letter (optional)

Sorry I didn’t take a pic of all the supplies like I usually do – got too excited about making the flowers that I just jumped right in!

1. Measure out 2 strips of the felt that are 1.25 inches wide and 2 that are 1 inch wide

2. Measure out 1.25 inch squares out of the 1.25 inch strips and then 1 inch squares from the 1 inch strips.

3. And then cut them out.

4. Cut out petal shapes from each of the squares. You’ll want to keep the base as wide as possible.

5. Put a line of glue across the base of the petal and then fold the sides inwards. I used hot glue for this, be careful if you choose to do this too, I burnt my fingers a few times. I read that some people have just used craft glue but then need to find a way to hold the sides down while the glue dried.

6. With your remaining felt, cut out a 3 inch circle.

7. Starting with the 1.25 inch petals, begin gluing them around the edge of the circle.

8. Once you have the outer edge completed, make a 2nd inside row using the 1 inch petals.

9. For the center of the flower I just cut a thin strip of the remaining felt and wrapped it around itself.

10. For my wreath I found a twig wreath I liked, glued the flowers onto it and then added an L (for Leah). To finish it off, I just added to ribbon to hang it with.

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