Easter Egg Wreath

I needed an Easter wreath for my door and have been going back and forth between making one out of plastic eggs or Peeps. I decided to go with plastic eggs because they will last until next year, though Peeps tend to last forever…, and the plastic eggs were cheaper (got mine from the Dollar Tree) than Peeps. This wreath is VERY easy and it took me less than 2 hours to make.


  • plastic eggs (I used 4 bags of 18 eggs)
  • Easter grass
  • wreath (mine was 12 in.)
  • hot glue

1. Start gluing the eggs onto the wreath

2. Cover as much of the wreath as you can with the eggs

3. Fill in the empty spaces with the grass – I used a pencil to push the grass into the wreath. Once you’ve added the grass you can add another layer of eggs to fill it in some more.

I forgot to take a pic of filling the holes with the grass, before adding another layer of eggs.

4. Add a ribbon and hang!

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1 Response to Easter Egg Wreath

  1. Melanie says:

    Too cute! Very festive hallway you have. Peeps might have been eaten so the eggs were a better idea.

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